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Gallen Ray Canillo

Gallen Ray Canillo

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A versatile writer with tenured experience in journalism, content, and creative writing. I write streamlined content that boosts audience reach and conversion rate.

  Oct 25, 2022

How to Schedule TikTok Posts in 2023

The best TikTok hack is to understand how the algorithm works. There are...

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  Aug 29, 2022

Starting a YouTube Career in 2023

Starting a YouTube career in the age of the social media boom comes...

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  Aug 28, 2022

Ryan Trahan’s Penny Challenge is a Powerful Lesson to YouTubers

Ryan Trahan's Penny Challenge became one of the biggest hits on YouTube in...

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  Aug 27, 2022

TikTok vs Spotify: The Music Streaming Wars Reignites

TikTok has made an upward growth this year, all thanks to its powerful...

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  Aug 26, 2022

How The YouTube Algorithm Works (Explained for Beginners)

For beginners, how the YouTube algorithm works might be overwhelming. But the general...

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  Aug 25, 2022

Trending Social Media Apps in the App Stores

Debates over this year's top social media app have been going around lately....

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  Aug 24, 2022

Meet The Members of The Full Send Podcast

The Full Send Podcast by the Nelk Boys debuted on Aug 5, 2021....

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  Aug 23, 2022

How Andrew Tate Got Famous So Fast

Andrew Tate started attracting attention in May 2022 because his controversial remarks were...

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  Aug 06, 2022

Growing On YouTube Using Short-Form Video

Most beginners think that creativity is all they need. Not to burst your...

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  Jul 30, 2022

What Happened to Jordan Peterson on Twitter

The new Twitter CEO Elon Musk reinstated Jordan Peterson's Twitter account. It was...

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  Jul 29, 2022

Kids YouTuber Blippi Worth $75 Million

Kids YouTubers like Blippi are among the highest earners on the platform. As...

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  Jul 28, 2022

What Happened to Jesse From Nelk Boys

Jesse from NELK Boys confused fans with his absence from the group's videos...

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