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Gallen Ray Canillo

Gallen Ray Canillo

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A versatile writer with tenured experience in journalism, content, and creative writing. I write streamlined content that boosts audience reach and conversion rate.

  May 31, 2023

How to Get Social Backlinks On Twitter

Social backlinks have made it easier to rank high on Google. And Twitter...

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  May 24, 2023

How to Find the Best Deals on AppSumo

AppSumo has become a go-to platform for premium marketing tools at a low...

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  May 11, 2023

The Future of Facebook According to Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has been making headlines for several controversies in recent years. Among the...

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  May 09, 2023

Trending Social Media Apps in the App Stores

Debates over this year's top social media app have been going...

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  Apr 27, 2023

Meet The Members of The Full Send Podcast

The Full Send Podcast by the Nelk Boys debuted on Aug 5, 2021....

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  Jan 25, 2023

New LinkedIn Analytics for Creators (2023 Update)

LinkedIn rolled out new LinkedIn analytics for creators to unlock more business opportunities...

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  Oct 25, 2022

How to Schedule TikTok Posts in 2023

The best TikTok hack is to understand how the algorithm works. There are...

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  Oct 18, 2022

Why Is Facebook Ads So Complicated? Srsly 🦉

Facebook has become a vital platform for many businesses to reach their customers....

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  Oct 16, 2022

Creator Studio Is NOT Working (cc: Mark Zuckerberg)

Managing social media has become easier with the help of content creation tools....

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  Oct 15, 2022

Should Free Speech Be Allowed On Social Media?

There has been a lot of debate about whether social media free speech...

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  Oct 14, 2022

Rumble vs YouTube: What's the difference?

Content creation has seen rapid growth over the years, with YouTube as the...

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  Oct 13, 2022

Facebook Is NOT A Monopoly. Here’s Why

In recent years, "Facebook monopoly" has been the center of debates...

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