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We are accepting applications for writers and contributors for our website. To apply please fill in the form below. Typical response time is up to 2 weeks. If approved you’ll be asked to schedule a 20 min video call with a member of our editorial team.

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Benefits of publishing with Web Friendly

  • Get distribution. Your writing will be distributed to 10’s of thousands of readers across our website, social media and email newsletter.
  • Get exposure. Promote your company, services or clients through story driven content, case studies and detailed strategies to our audience of creators, startups and marketers.
  • Get ranked. We have strong domain authority and the ability to rank articles for competitive keywords.

What you need to know before applying

Types of articles we accept

  • Strategies and advice. Our readers love reading about specific insights you (or your client) have first hand experience. Write about a strategy that has worked for you. Or share how people can use a marketing tool to get more leads, sales or exposure online.
  • Listicle. Put together your favorite “top 10 list” for any of the categories on our website. This can include the top tools, people, strategies and more.
  • Unique entrepreneurial stories. We love helping entrepreneurs get their story out to the world. It’s ok if you’re a PR professional helping clients get exposure online. Stories must be unique and not rehashed or repurposed from other outlets.

Types of article we won’t accept

  • Promotional or advertorials. Our readers seek strategic advice from industry expertise, not a sales pitch. We publish educational content to inform our audience on new insights or opportunities. We won’t publish a post that is a blatant promotion for a single product, company, service or person.
  • Rehashed or spun content.  Avoid generic advice that readers have heard before. All articles must be original and valuable. We are looking for unique insights that cannot easily be found on the web.
  • Plagiarized content. Do not submit plagiarized work under any circumstances. We check for plagiarism and will not publish it. Authors who submit plagiarized content will be permanently banned from submitting content.

General requirements

  • Your content must be original. The article cannot be published on another platform, your blog, LinkedIn or Medium etc.
  • Grammar and punctuation is very important. We use the AP Style Guide for grammar guidelines. We expect all writers to follow these guidelines before submitting an article.
  • Articles must be at least 1000 words. We find articles with 1500 to 2500 words that include visual examples do best for our audience.
  • All sources must be attributed (with hyperlinks). Fact check everything before you submit it to us. If you refer to data as a fact you must link to the source of the information or study. Try to stick to data from the last 2 years.
  • Only use links to trusted, authoritative websites. Absolutely no keyword links, your own affiliate links or lead-gen links unless approved by our advertising team.

We understand that some contributors value backlinks to their company or client website. However, we do not accept articles with the purpose of selling or exchanging backlinks.

  • We do not take part in backlink exchanges.
  • We use the “no follow” link attribute for external links.
  • We use the “sponsored” link attribute for affiliate links.

Any links in articles must serve to provide resources to the referenced person, tool or support a statement of fact. Links for any other purposes, including SEO and keyword links (link schemes), your own affiliate links, lead-gen links, links to your own company or client's sites are not permitted without prior written approval from our advertising team. Learn more about advertising with Web Friendly here.

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