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We Cover Business on the World Wide Web

Web Friendly® is a Media Company focusing on news, trends and insights for Creators, Publishers and Marketers. The company publishes original content for web, social media platforms and a weekly digest email. Premium Subscribers get access to exclusive Courses, Resources and Content Templates for just $5 per month or $50 per year.

Web Friendly was founded in 2009 by Matt Astifan as part of Matt Astifan Ventures and provided digital marketing training and services before it was rebranded as a Media Company. Since its inception the company has created an assortment of information products and subsidiary brands such as Internet Masterminds, Social Media Director and Matt Astifan Digital. After a recent brand exploration our organization decided to branch out each product as its own separate company and removed the need for affiliation under a family umbrella, Web Friendly.

Please go here to find access to training and services previously provided by Web Friendly.

Media Kit:

In late 2017, early 2018, we embarked on a visual identity overhaul, moving away from a “friendly bee” icon to a simple, unique, and easily recognizable “Smile Tag”. The Smile Tag is a hashtag with a smile in which we felt represented the brand name in a much more powerful and memorable way. See our media kit and brand assets below.

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Our audience has come to know Web Friendly as a trusted brand in the business community across the globe, but primarily in Vancouver, Canada where the company was founded. The audience follows the brand across multiple social media channels and are engaged in the content that is shared by the company.

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