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How To Get Social Media Clients That Value Your Time

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Here’s the truth about getting social media clients that value your time.

As an expert Social Media Consultant or Certified Social Media Director, no matter where you meet a prospect, whether you are cold calling them or you have known each other since you were kids, you must have them apply to work with you. 

Yes, that’s a MUST, especially if you want to get social media clients that value your time. We honestly believe that this is the best sales process for Social Media freelancers and agencies.


Simple: when you get someone to fill out an application to work with you – you reverse the sales process! The application process places you in control and in the position of an expert. It presents your service as scarce and sought-after, reinforces its value and subliminally convinces the prospect of your worth. Simply put, you’re immediately overcoming some of the biggest obstacles associated with landing new clients. That alone makes this the best sales process in my books.

How you can do this:

You send all prospects a link to your application and ask them to complete it. Be clear about the next steps! When they have completed the application, you will review it and they will be informed by email if their application was approved. If you approve them, send them a link with to schedule a discovery call with you (tool recommendation: Calendly).

This way, the application qualifies your prospects long before they get on a call with you. With a few simple questions, you can find out if they are a good fit for you to work with and understand how serious someone is about working with you.

Now, this is NOT some deceptive sales hack to get clients to work with you left right and center. DO NOT start doing business with anyone and everyone that fills out the application form. You are actually looking for social media clients with whom you are highly likely to have a mutually beneficial, profitable and long-term relationship.

Look for applications that have long, detailed answers. Don’t waste time on those who skimp on details. If you’ve got an application with one-word answers, just forget about it.

Wufoo and the Application Questions:

You can manage and create all sorts of forms with Wufoo. We love it because it works like a CRM, allowing you to track who has completed the form, assign follow-up tasks, and record notes that are associated with the file.

Also, you can track whose application you’re waiting on and who has been approved or rejected. The notes feature allows you to record objections and keep track of the conversations you’ve had, which will help you prepare your proposal.

The free version of this software gets you 3 forms, 25 applications per month and 10 questions per form. When wording the questions, make sure you are not directly qualifying the prospective client. Do not ask about their cost per acquisition, lifetime customer value, net annual profit and such. Save those questions for the first call.

Rather, keep the application short (not a problem with the 10-question limit). Ask them what kind of results they would like to achieve a year from now, how much additional revenue they would like to make through Social Media Marketing, and what previous Social Media Marketing experiences they’ve had.

For a small monthly fee, you can get the paid version of Wofoo which allows you to have a customized, professional thank-you page, more forms and applications, as well as other perks.

In short, if you are a Social Media consultant that wants to stand out of the crowd, this application process is not optional.

What say you? Are you going to start using the best sales process to land your future clients?