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How to Create Your Own Online Reality Show (The Reality Show Method)

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A couple years ago I was having lunch when I got a call by a producer from Global TV asking me if I’d like to be featured on the show Top Story to talk about Chris Hadfield’s use of Social Media in space.

Yea, I was excited! :))

I had never been on TV before and stepping outside your comfort zone is important for personal and professional growth.

So I say “Sure… when?”, and he says “Today at 5:30”. And then I said something like.. I’ll have to contact my “PR team” to make sure they’re okay with it.  (Note: I don’t have a PR team)

The truth was, I was trying to buy time because I needed to give it some thought… 

You see, I had NO IDEA who Chris Hadfield was!  I don’t have cable, I don’t watch TV, I don’t read the news (only tech news) and heck people in my social network were not talking about it.

So, I call my friend who’s in PR and ask her if I should do it, or if I risk looking like a fool on global television!  She advises me to do it. She told me people don’t get many opportunities like this and plus I still had a few hours to research Chris Hadfield’s use of Social Media.

I called the Global TV producer back and told him “I’ll be there!” 

Then, I started Googling “news” on Chris Hadfield.  I searched Mashable for articles about his campaigns. I looked at what people were saying in real-time on Twitter. I watched his video’s on YouTube.

I had my big “ah-ha” when I saw his Facebook page.  You see, Chris was using a Social Media strategy which many online influencers use.

He was using what I call the “Reality Show Method”. 

The premise is very simple:

By updating your network about what you’re doing on a regular basis, you create an ongoing story that your followers enjoy, connect with, and remember.

In essence, your life becomes a reality show which people become fans of.

By using text, images, and videos to tell stories your network feels like they KNOW YOU… they start to CARE ABOUT YOU… and – if your story aligns with their values, they come to TRUST YOU.

So when they’re in the market for what you sell, you become the only person they’d even think of buying from.

You can see how I use the Reality Show Method by following me on places like Facebook and Instagram.

You may think nobody cares what you been up to but, they DO.

Why do you think Reality Shows are so popular?  People can relate to the characters in the story because they’re not acting. You can see their flaws – they’re “REAL”.

When you tell people what you’re doing and share what’s on your mind it builds YOUR character.  When you get a feel for someone’s character you’re able to predict their future actions – this builds a massive amount of TRUST with your audience.

It allows your audience to connect with you on an emotional level.

Here’s my full diagnosis of Chris Hadfield’s Social Media campaign: