How To Find And Hire A Freelance Copywriter (Resources)

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If you want to hire a freelance copywriter for your business this is the guide for you.

For business owners or marketers working with a limited budget, hiring a Copywriter may seem like an extraneous expense. But, the evidence is clear, money spent on Copywriters is money well spent.

What Copywriters do

Beyond just writing, a Copywriter translates value; they can transform features into benefits and limitations into advantages. The first thing a Copywriter does is gather information about your business, product, offer, and audience. The messaging they craft from this information will help create clarity about your products or services for you and your customers. Their writing will move your reader toward your call to action. 

You can use their messaging to speak in other environments. Work with a Copywriter to write a sales page and use that language in your emails, your elevator pitch, and you social media posts. 

A good copywriter is going to help you define your message, your niche, the angle for your ads, and how you communicate to your audience, and much more. I’ve always felt is was like hiring a business coach who was helping me define my positioning in the marketplace.  

How to find a Copywriter

Copywriters have different specialties, but to find one that writes copy to generate an immediate response from readers, Google search “direct response copywriter”. To understand their skill level and methodology, ask for samples and ask who they studied. Names like Gary Halbert and John Carlton are prominent figures in the field. If you like what you see and hear, give them a small project to test the waters. You’ll generally have to test out a couple people before you find someone who is a perfect fit for you and your style.

If you want to hire a freelance copywriter my first recommendation for finding someone is to ask friends in the industry. But if you don’t have friends in the industry this could be tricky. 

So here’s where to look:

Tip: When you find a great Copywriter, appreciate them and pay well, but be selective about referring them to others — they’ll quickly get busy and up their prices! ?(I learned this the hard way a few times!)

How much does a Copywriter cost?

Every metro area has different standard costs for copywriting services and Copywriters may charge by the project, by the word, or by the hour. I always prefer by the project. Assuming a 2-3 week production time for each request. In my experience average prices fall around:

  • $2000 – $8000 for a long form sales letter
  • $100 per minute of video for video sales letters
  • $100 – $150 per email (200 – 500 words)
  • $50 – $150 per blog (500 – 1000 words)

There are copywriters who charge much more than these prices. Some may be worth it, others may not. If it’s your first time hiring a copywriter I’d be cautious paying above these rates. Regardless, I believe a Copywriter provides a huge ROI. 

As an example, one Copywriter turned a limitation of my 16 seat classroom into a scarcity selling point with the sub-headline, “Revealed to only 16 people per month”. After that one tweak, not only did I sell out every workshop for 11 months straight – I noticed a lot of people start conversations with me by saying “what’s that 16 person workshop you do?”

Does copywriting software work?

There are two leading software platforms which claim to be able to automate the writing process. I’ve never successfully done this. I actually don’t know anyone who has. But they claim it works. So it might be worth a shot if you’re considering writing your own copy. 

The two softwares are:

Funnel Scripts 

This is created by Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels) and Jim Edwards who are both very well known copywriters. I tried this software when it first came out. It was good at creating frameworks for the copy which I could follow but it required a lot of re-writing. Regardless, I imagine it’s better than starting from scratch.


This is created by Jon Benson. He is a very experienced copywriter. I spoke with him when he first launched this product and it sounded very promising. He promised it would be much better than Funnel Scripts. He has preloaded email sequences for almost anything you could think of (webinars, product launches, application funnels, and much more). 

Frameworks are important and both these softwares give it to you if you’re considering writing your copy yourself. 

While it is a great idea to get good at copywriting – it takes a long time. If you’re a marketing professional it might be a good idea for you. Otherwise, the cost of having the wrong copy is much greater than hiring a professional copywriter. 

In conclusion

If you are building a sales funnel, looking to automate your marketing via email automation, or building your rankings on Google with a blog, hiring a copywriter is a great investment. I’d actually go as far as saying, it’s the best investment you could make in your marketing. But there’s a big caveat, which is finding a good copywriter and the right rate. 

I recommend giving a copywriter a small project such as writing (or re-writing) the optin page for your lead magnet (free offer) or webinar optin page. It’s a good way of seeing how they interpret and translate the value of your product or service. If you’re impressed, go to the next level and hire them for your sales page, video sales letter, email automation or blog. 


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