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Anthony Madani

Anthony Madani

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Anthony is the CEO of UpMedia Video. During his 18 year career, his work has been featured on platforms like Netflix and HBO, and includes work for large corporations across North America.

  Jan 09, 2024

How To Find Your Most Ideal Target Audience

Your Target Audience Understanding your target audience is the foundation of your Digital...

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  Nov 06, 2023

Brand Storytelling Psychology: Secrets to Persuasive and Effective Sales

One of the best-kept secrets to filling up your sales funnel is to...

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  Sep 20, 2023

Beyond Words: Visual Storytelling Examples to Boost Your Digital Marketing

It’s time to review some great visual storytelling examples to give you a competitive edge in your digital marketing. Today’s attention span for social media content may be the size of a mosquito, but we all still love great visuals....

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