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Training dreamers and doers to get REAL RESULTS since 2009

You Are Our Passion

At Web Friendly, empowering people falls as the top priority. We love helping individuals confidently take control of their careers with social media marketing. This in-demand arena of connection promises plenty of opportunity, now and in the future.

However, the growth leaves many professionals unprepared. We convert the experience from scary to friendly in our Social Media Director Certification Program. Our research and testing reveal the most up-to-date, effective online marketing tools and strategies to share with our students.

One-on-one mentoring and practical implementation of our programs raises graduates ready to get results. Furthermore, after program completion, we offer ongoing coaching, client connections and in-person community events.

We are that serious about empowering people.


A Few of Our Students

Internet Masterminds Meetup

In a world where entrepreneurship is booming, and social media marketing continues to gain traction, hundreds of thousands of new, liberating careers await those who seize the moment!

Founded by Vancouver-based entrepreneur and movie-lover Matt Astifan, Web Friendly is a renowned provider of the results-based Social Media Director Certification program.

So far, we’ve taught tens of thousands, and Certified hundreds of professionals from around the world to run a profitable career. The experts we’ve trained and certified have gone on to collectively generate millions (and counting) in additional revenue for their clients and companies.

We are also the force behind Internet Masterminds, the largest and longest-standing Internet marketing Meetup in the world.

Every day that a student of ours quits their job, goes on their dream vacation, or achieves independence, is a day of celebration for us. That’s what gets us excited more than anything else in the world!

About the Founder

Matt Astifan

Based in Vancouver Canada, Matt Astifan founded Web Friendly® in 2009, a Media Company with tens of thousands listening. The company publishes new content, courses and live events that serve businesses to reach their full potential. A creative innovator and connector, Matt strives to make human to human connections amongst his communities and the companies he works with.

Producing millions of dollars in sales online and over 100 keynotes to his credit, Matt passes his insight on digital marketing to Internet entrepreneurs at all levels of business. His sold-out events tap into industry knowledge on marketing automation, content publishing, cross-platform advertising and much more.

Matt founded the Internet Masterminds organization in 2010 which is the largest Internet marketing Meetup in the world. The organization remains unmatched in its magnitude and impact as it expands globally to reach its goal of 100,000 members by 2020.

Web Friendly Principles

No matter your skill level, Web Friendly caters to you through practical, easy-to-engage online and offline programs. We believe everyone deserves:


A Hassle-Free Guarantee

In fact, Web Friendly's Certification Programs give you three guarantees. Each program promises a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, a Results Guarantee, and a 3X Your Investment Guarantee or your money back. We've got your back with the strongest guaranteed in the industry.


Stellar Results

The success of any program is its results Unlike most of them, Web Friendly issues certifications only after our experts-in-training have generated real results for real clients and published a Case Study to prove it.


Community Support

Learning proves a lifelong endeavor. After completing the Social Media Director Certification Program, an online community welcomes graduates for life. Feedback, advice and opportunities are exchanged. And, live events continue the training.

The Future

From our earliest days at a downtown Vancouver coffee shop, our community has grown, bounded by a shared belief: with the right methods, and some tenacity, the Force will always be with you!

The world is changing. Millions of old economy jobs will be gone, and no politician, no institution can do anything to stop it. Worse even, so much of our expensive, outdated education system is failing to catch up.

In the United States alone, Oxford University estimated that 47% of jobs are facing the threat of automation within the next decade. Research by McKinsey & Company calculated that, on a global level, 49% of current work activities will be automated. That translates into $15.8 trillion in lost salaries and 1.1 billion workers worldwide unemployed.

The good news is not all jobs will be fully automated.

Being a Certified Social Media Director today has already become one of the in-demand, new economy careers that involve highly-automated activities, which will always require human planning and oversight to be effective.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people who are starting out in the new digital economy, it can feel like the Wild West, and too many people are getting swindled. This is why we at Web Friendly strive to give our community what they need in a way that’s fun, open, and leads to predictable results.

Success won’t happen overnight for anyone new making the transition. But with commitment and dedication – and the right methods – outstanding results are possible. Helping you become a better version of yourself is what we stand for.