What is "Funnel Hacking" (And How To Do it Right)

Funnel hacking has become the strategy digital marketers love and hate. We love to do it but hate when people do it to us.

Yet we can all agree that there’s no use in reinventing the wheel, so why build a sales funnel from scratch when excellent funnels already exist that you can “funnel hack”? If you’re building sales funnels from scratch, or use pre-fab templates, you’re doing it wrong. You need to start Funnel Hacking and here’s why.

What is Funnel Hacking?

Funnel Hacking is described as “the process of strategically investigating the sales and marketing process of your competitors, which you can use to model and test within your sales & marketing processes.”

When you come upon a highly effective sales funnel, remember these words, “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. Successful funnels harness principles of psychology that encourage people to trust and to buy. While you may not be versed in Freud, you sure as heck can mimic elements of a great funnel. This is what funnel hacking is all about: Borrowing ideas from the great funnels — such as layouts, fonts, colors, and elements — to harness their revenue-generating superpowers.

How to Funnel Hack like a Pro

The first thing you need to do is to find a funnel that works. Templates in funnel-building software are not that good, they’re bland and restrictive. You want to mimic a proven funnel that has made people lots of money. A great place to start your search is Facebook Groups. Go to the ClickFunnels Facebook group and search for the type of funnel you’re looking to build. Find the people who have been talking about these funnels. Make sure to read the comments. Figure out what about these funnels drive conversion.

Once you’ve found an excellent funnel for your goals, take notes on all of the elements that you can uncover. First note the headlines, images, buttons, colors, tabs, links, and everything related to user experience. To fully understand the methods and effectiveness of a great funnel, you have to go through the marketing and sales process yourself. You may need to give up your email or purchase a product to understand the email marketing, retargeting ads, and up-selling the funnel includes.

Once you’ve hashed out, with reasonable certainty, what about the funnel is so spot-on, translate those elements into your funnel. Funnel hacking IS NOT about copying someone else’s work, it’s about taking what works and adding your spin on it.

Funnel Hacking Training Video

We use ClickFunnels to build our funnels, if you’re not a user yet you can:

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