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Sell Subscriptions With a Sales Funnel: What Works

Liz Nugent Convert Your Audience Leave a Comment

If you or your client has a subscription, membership, or course that you want to sell, a subscription funnel is an excellent tool to use. Having a variety of courses and membership at different price points, I’ve seen that this funnel type works best for memberships priced around $200-$500.

Open with a video sales letter

Selling a subscription or membership is essentially selling an ongoing relationship. The best way to enter into that relationship and build rapport is through an informative video talking about the opportunity on offer. Avoid talking about the specifics, but rather paint a picture of what the offer means and how it will improve their life. If you’re selling a course, talk about the abilities they will gain, the increased income potential, and the stories of people who took the course before them. Invest in a copywriter and professional videographer to help you make this video, it will pay dividends.

Call to action

Your call to action isn’t to buy the subscription, the call to action is to let you give them a free trial — a much more convincing proposition. A 14 day free trial of the subscription or membership works well to prove the value of your offer and give them a taste so that they will pay to come back for more.

One time offer

Now that you’ve sweet talked them and given them a gift of a free trial, you’re in a good position to ask for a sale. On the thank you page, after they have signed up for the free trial, upsell with the scarcity of a one time offer. The offer should be a lower ticket price than the subscription, $50-$100, and be related to the benefits they will receive from the subscription. For example, if you’re selling a course, offer a related book or event. This one time offer increases your revenue and builds your credibility. If they’ve purchased from you once, they are more likely to purchase from you again when their trail ends.

Members area

The final component of an effective subscription funnel is the members area. You can host your course or content right on the funnel, guarded by a login requirement. By keeping everything in one place, you increase ease of set-up and management and your customer knows just where to find their free trial content and where to nab that one time offer.