• Setting Up Facebook Campaign
    How To Set Up A New Facebook Ads Campaign (The Right Way)
    Setting up your Facebook Ads Campaign can be confusing at first but once you discover the Turbo Testing Method outlined in this guide the mechanics of your Facebook Ads Campaign will become easy to monitor and manage.  This guide is for getting a new campaign started the right way. The...
    Matt Astifan
  • Top Tools for Your Freelance Social Media Business
    Top Tools For Your Online Business (Updated For 2020)
    In the ocean of social-media-related online business tools, we've tried them all (figuratively). Here's our pick.
    Matt Astifan
  • psychological triggers
    How To Use Psychological Triggers In Your Offers
    If you want to sell more online, you need to understand how to use psychological triggers in your offers. There are a lot more psychological triggers but these are the 3 that I have been able to utilize in my businesses the most. And they’re really simple to use once...
    Matt Astifan
  • How To Find And Hire A Freelance Copywriter (Resources)
      For business owners or marketers working with a limited budget, hiring a Copywriter may seem like an extraneous expense. But, the evidence is clear, money spent on Copywriters is money well spent. What Copywriters do Beyond just writing, a Copywriter translates value; they can transform features into benefits and limitations into...
    Matt Astifan

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