How To Become A Social Media Celebrity

If you want to become a Social Media celebrity you will need to publish content daily. Coming up with new content can be easy if you simply share the day to day activities of your life.

It’s something I call The Reality Show Method.

I was featured on Global TV shortly after the astronaut Chris Hadfield arrived back on earth. They had me on the news to diagnose Chris’s effective use of Social Media. (Also see: How to Create Your Own Online Reality Show (The Reality Show Method))

I used the opportunity to explain Chris’s use of the Reality Show Method. You can see the interview here:

To understand how it works and why it’s so effective, you need to understand three things about your customers (or the customers of the business you’re representing)

1. They’d rather do business with a PERSON than a company

A lot of entrepreneurs try to make their businesses appear larger and more corporate than it really is.

At local networking meetups, I’ll often have someone hand me a business card with the title “President and CEO”… and I know full well they’re just getting started and have exactly zero employees.

Trying to make yourself seem big and corporate is a huge mistake because customers need to TRUST you before they buy from you… and they’re far more likely to trust a PERSON than a corporation.

That’s why you want to use social media get PERSONAL and reveal details about your life.

2. They need to know they’re not the only ones coming to the party

One of the reasons why social media is such a powerful tool for businesses is that people have become IMMUNE to advertising. We’re (rightfully) skeptical of what companies say about themselves, but put a lot of stock in what OTHER PEOPLE have to say about them.

When you post something on Facebook and get a lot of “likes” and “comments”, that lets your fans know that OTHER PEOPLE are interested in you as well.

It makes them feel like they’re a part of something… It reassures them that other people like and trust you too… And it validates their decision to buy from you when the time is right.

3. They’re not always ready to buy right away

You could get the right message in front of your perfect prospect… and they still don’t buy… Simply because they’re not in the market for what you’re selling RIGHT NOW.

The key is to focus on building relationships and keep your audience engaged throughout the year, so when they ARE ready to buy, you’re the first person they think of.

“The Reality Show Method” is so powerful because it can be used by anyone to:

  • Connect with your prospects and customers on a personal level
  • Create an aura of celebrity around yourself and your brand, and
  • Stay top-of-mind with your prospects so they come to YOU when they’re ready to buy…

The premise is very simple:

By updating your network about what you’re doing on a regular basis, you create an ongoing story that your followers enjoy, connect with, and remember.

In essence, your life becomes a reality show which they become fans of.

By using text, images, and videos to tell stories your network feels like they KNOW YOU… they start to CARE ABOUT YOU… and – if your story aligns with their values, they come to TRUST YOU.

So when they’re in the market for what you sell, you become the only person they’d even think of buying from.

In my Social Media Director program, I go into more advanced tactics like using intrigue, open loops, and conflict story lines to create solid relationships with your audience very quickly…

  • I show you how to communicate online most effectively by always letting your followers and fans know that they’re being heard…
  • And I tell you exactly what NOT to say and do on social media that will hurt your brand long-term…
  • Most importantly, I show you how to use social media to MAKE MORE SALES for yourself and your clients… so they have no problem hiring you and paying your fee month after month…

To apply to the Social Media Director program — click on the link, watch the video, and fill out the application form.

I’m choosing 16 students this week to take through my 5-week training program. In order to graduate and get Certified, you’ll have to generate $2500 in profit for a small business that I pair you up with.

You’ll leave the program with more powerful strategies just like this one and a solid case study you’ll be proud of.

For more information, check out the following guides:

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