How To Setup A 3-Step Application Funnel

Application funnels are an incredible tool to capture leads and direct them to conversion. Sales funnels, by nature, give the user one possible action on each page, rather than the endless possibilities that a website offers. This makes them highly effective at weeding out those who aren’t looking for what you’re offering and converting those who are.

Application funnels are a type of sales funnel that works particularly well when you are looking to capture high-ticket prospects or have a very specific type of person you’re selling to. There are four components that every effective application sales funnel must have.

The Video Sales Letter

When selling high-ticket items (over $2,000) such as educational coaching, courses, or even events, you must sell the opportunity first and foremost. The landing page of your application funnel will have a video sales letter. It can be a video of a company representative speaking, or of branded images with a voice-over, but it must be polished and professional. The video message should focus on how the product or service will transform the prospect’s life — not the specifics of the item. The page itself should have little else beyond this video and a big button to advance to the next stage of the funnel — your call to action — “Start Your Application Now”.

The Application Form

The application form is a tool to gauge how qualified the lead is. The questions will be different for each funnel but should be written to understand if the person is worth calling. Consider their level of interest: have they responded to each question with length and detail, or are they giving you one-word answers or no answer at all?

The Homework Page

Most funnels have a thank you page after the lead completes the call to action. We like to have a “homework page” in our application funnels instead. Here you’ll let them know what will happen if they are accepted or declined (you’ll get an email, or you won’t) and what they should do right now their homework.

Homework examples (1) include videos that build credibility and indoctrinate the prospect, such as testimonial videos, and instruct them to watch (2) Ask the prospect to share your product or service on social media. Provide links to share that are pre-populate the content for them to post. This is great for increased traffic to your funnel!

Email Follow Up

While the homework page is the end of your prospect’s funnel experience, the follow-up afterward is an important part of the sales process. Setting up an automated and personalized email sequence for anyone who is accepted is a must. The first email will first congratulate the prospect on their acceptance and present the next call to action: schedule a discovery call. If they haven’t scheduled a call after two weeks, send a short follow-up email “Are you still interested in [result the promise of the product]?”


The application sales funnel is a fantastic way to get well-qualified leads for high-ticket coaching, courses, and events, or to appeal to a very specific client type. The funnel is focused on building a relationship and evaluating the prospect's qualifications. Use an application funnel to sell your next high-ticket item.


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